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Friday, March 02, 2007


Monday, February 26, 2007

Who invited this guy?

Clob invited me to post on her blog. what a mistake!

here is my Bio for all those recruiters/groupies out there in outlands:

main: Glom, level 66 dwarf warrior, 8/35/15, engineering and mining, probably Aldor
other toon: Lucite, level 63 human chick mage, 42/11/1, tailoring and enchanting, scryer

Glom is an engineering and its the worst. i tried to get form level 330 to 335 so i could make flares today. i ended up creating 5 or 6 Fel Iron Toolboxes and only got to 332. so sad.

this post is kind of a test.


A Priest's Lament or Whine, Complain, Whine and more Whining

I think I'm starting to get the "healer burnout" I often see mentioned on the forums. Now that we're back to 5 man instances with the expansion, healing becomes much more challenging. Healing a raid isn't really that exciting. First of all, there are always other healers and most of the hybrid classes end up going healing mode even if there are 15 priests in the raid(okay I'm exaggerating) Also, losing a few over-zealous Mages and Rogues usually isn't that big of a deal. They steal aggro off the tank, they die.
In five mans, I feel a lot of self-imposed pressure to keep everyone alive. This is challanging if there are no back up healers and your group has clothies taking hits up the wazoo. Sometimes, I manage to keep everyone alive until I've a) generated a ton aggro spamming heals everywhere and b) run out of mana. That's usually about when I end up dead and swearing.
Sometimes I just wish I was the Mage/Rogue/Warlock. I've always said if I every seriously level a new toon from scratch it's going to be a non-buffing, non-healing class. Rogue for the win, I guess. Bastards.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Lucite's Journey Through World of Warcraft....

Here is the Story of Lucite's journey through the World of Warcraft.
(really my history with the game).

Summer 2004 - I heard about the closed beta going on. I tried to get a
friend who knew someone at Blizzard to get me in on it, but that failed.
I figured "I will never pay 15 bucks a month to play a video game."

November 2004 - I get in on the open beta. I created a Gnome Mage
which I might have named DaveNinja. I got him to Kharnos and hated
playing him. Then I roll a Troll Hunter named Glowmer (after the cat-thing on the Punky Brewster cartoon). I get to
level 14. I liked playing the hunter much better than the gnome mage.
After the beta ended i went into withdrawl and decided i needed to get
WoW for christmas, it was the only thing i cared about getting.

Christmas 2004 - I recieve 2 copies of WoW. I create and account and, i
think, i make another troll hunter on the Ceneras Realm. Then i find out
that my brother-in-law has a character on Draenor so i make Human Rogue
chick named Dinah.

January 2005 - I return one of my copies of WoW that I got for xmas. Then
sometime in january i get my wife hooked on the game and she starts
playing a Paladin chick named Clobberella. After 2 or 3 weeks of not
being able to play at the same time but both wanting to, we go nuts and
buy another computer. My wife gets a G5 iMac and now we need to get
another copy of the game. The problem is that Blizzard stopped shipping
them out for a month or so and copies are impossible to find. I end up
buying a copy from a young guy who works at one of those places where
kids go and play counter strike style games. I paid 70 bucks for it. I
wish I would have not returned the extra copy i got for xmas.

Feburary 2005 - Now that we both have computers and Clobberella is in the
low teens (level-wise), I have to catch up. I create Lucite my human mage
chick. Clob runs me through the Elwenn forest stuff and i catch up to her
level while doing Westfall/Loch modan quests. We join her brothers guild,
MoonLight Sentinels. Also, while getting idols from troggs in the Loch
Modan dig site we meet Shurgrim (dwarf hunter) and he joins the guild. We
end up questing with him all the way to level 60.

Late Summer or Fall 2005 - Clob and I both hit 60. I ding while turning
in a quest to a dwarf in the south of Silithus.

End of 2005 - Our guild never has enough people on to even form a 5 man
group. So we and some other guildies (shurgrim, bshrew and foton) head
over to the Elven Empire.

Around now 2006 - A few weeks back we left the Elven Empire because
they're mainly midwest and east coasters and they play at earlier times
than us. Our new goal is to try and gather people like us that want to
play around 9pm server time (after we put the kids to bed). We found a
horde guild on Whisperwind that is exactly what we want, but it will be a
while before we get to level 60 with our characters over there. So now I
am exploring options and trying to gather like 'timed' people.

All my dudes:
Realm = Draenor
-Glom (dwarf warrior, level 46), my current favorite character to play, I
have engineering up to 300 and mostly protection specced. part of why i
like to play him is because of the group i ususally play him in (clob's
priest, prayella, level 43 and my real life buddy's rogue, Tubbo, level
39). We 3 manned about all the instance up to Uldaman so far. Its great
fun playing while chatting on ventrilo.

-Finni (dwarf priest, level 34), I leveled up this guy when the 2nd baby
was new. I would be up with the baby at 4 am. I ended up grouping with
aussies a lot. also Tubbo's first character (night elf hunter named
bufflord) would be on sometimes. I started hating to solo as a priest and
havent played Finni in a long time.

-Hexo (human warlock, level 24), I played this guy when Tubbo was
leveling up. Clob had a druid around the same level. Tubbo started
leveling faster and got closer to Glom/Prayella so i put Hexo on hold.
Hexo looks like a pud.

-Immadude (human paladin, level 6), ironforge bank alt.

Realm = Whisperwind

-Manstar (tauren druid, level 39), I made this guy to be in the Pod
People guild. I've mainly soloed with him. I started playing War Song
Gultch on the bonus weekends and specced him to a flag runner spec. I
moved him over to the Whisperwind Eleven guild last week and didnt some
elite quests with some like-level guys in that guild.

-Thwacker (orc rogue, level 11 or 12), Alt i made who is in the Pod
People. i never seem to get rogues past the teen levels.

-Thralla (human paladin, level 10 or 11), Alt i made for the Escape Pods
for when they have the WSG 10-19 Battle of the Pods.

-Xavey (undead warrior, level 16), This is to be my main Whisperwind
Eleven guy. I just have to get to level 60. He's my horde version of Glom
except he's fury specced. Clob made an undead priest to duo with him.

Realm = Lightning's Blade

-Uxo (tauren warrior, level 26), I wanted a guy on a pvp server. Got
bored of playing him and never found people to group with so i stopped
playing him.

I have a bunch of other low level alts, atleast one of each class.

Friday, May 12, 2006